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Rigging & Crane Service, Inc

Our Specialty Is Relocation

We will move your heavy equipment with care.

Our Specialty Is Relocation

We will move your heavy equipment with care.

An Established Rigging Service Provider You Can Trust

American Rigging & Crane Service, Inc. is a Midwest-based company that has been in business for more than 50 years. We have provided excellent rigging, moving, and transportation services to companies in all types of industries.


Why Choose Us

Our skilled personnel can help you with your most time-critical project schedules. We also have a large fleet of equipment that enables us to do our job better. Our machinery includes:

  • Forklifts With a Weight Capacity of up to 120,000 lbs.
  • Gantries With a Lift Capacity of 1000 ton
  • Transfer Carts
  • Mobile Cranes

We serve all types of industries including metal stamping press, plastic machinery, and medical equipment manufacturers. In addition, our team offers professional moving, packing, crating, and shipping services to overseas locations around the world.

What We Can Do


We are equipped to handle all your crane projects up to 300-ton lifting capacity.


Our team can handle complicated gantry lift needs up to 1000 tons. We have a wide range of lifting beams, tracks, and lifting devices to accomplish any type of gantry lift. This includes low overhead space, uneven ground, and existing pits.


To help you with all your rigging needs, we are equipped with forklifts with a weight capacity of up to 120,000 lbs, cranes, gantries, and transporters.

Transfer Carts

We are equipped with transfer carts to help you move loads of up to 500,000 kilos within your plant. Our trolleys have a minimum required access space and rubber tires that will not damage your floor.


Dedicated to providing efficient service, we can handle all your transportation needs, regardless of size, quantity, or destination on air suspension. We can also provide permits, escorts, as well as wide, heavy, and tarp loads.

Get in Touch

We travel throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico to complete plant moves and relocations. If you are interested in our services to help meet your time-critical project schedules, contact us through the following:

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